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OUR NETWORK have very fast backbones (DS3 - 45MBPS) from Level3 and MCI. All server are monitored 24 x 7 x 365. Every server is checked every 5 minutes by software. If any service is down on server, software automatically try to start down service (example apache, sendmail, mysql server etc.). If server do not response for next 5 minutes an alert is sent to network administrators terminal. If server do not response for more then 30 minutes pager alert is sent to us and also to administrators.



Level 3 One DS3 (45MBPS) Line
MCI One DS3 (45MBPS) Line



Routers 2 Cisco 7200 VXR 300 Mhz
Generators Kohler Generators
Fire Suspension Co2



Operating System Red Hat Linux Release 6.2, Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Control Panels Cpanel (Linux) , (Windows)
Programs ASP, ASP .Net, CFM, JSP, PHP4,Perl, Python, MSSQL Server, MySql, IIS, Apache, FTP, and much more!
  For more information, contact us at 1-866-440-3838 or We're confident that you'll find our web hosting services and support to be first rate.

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