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Merchant Account

  SPECIAL OFFER: Hosting Campus, and e-onlinedata are proud to offer you the highest quality Credit Card Processing and Payment Gateway services. We specialize in helping companies like yours establish Internet Certified Merchant Accounts to securely accept all major credit cards from your Web site, Mail Order/Phone Order business, Retail store and Auction System.
First Name
Last Name

Pricing Detail
  • Free Start Up
  • INSTANT Internet Certified Merchant Account
  • Real Time processing Payment Gateway
  • Virtual Terminal for key entered Mail Order/Phone Order sales
  • Integration to hundreds of shopping carts and software systems
  • Online reporting and real time management of your transactions
  • All funds deposited into the business checking account of your choice
  • American Express and Discover Card processing available

Extremely Competitive and Guaranteed Pricing:

  • Merchant Account
    • 2.29% VISA/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate
    • $0.30 Authorization Fee per transaction
    • $10.00 Monthly Statement Fee includes 24/7 Customer Support
    • NO AVS Address Verification Fee (normally $0.10 per transaction)
    • NO Application Fee (normally $149)
    • NO Leasing (all transactions done online through Authorize.Net)

  • Authorize.Net Gateway
    • $49.95 One-time only (Authorize.Net normally charges $299)
    • $15.00 Monthly gateway fee (includes 250 free transactions per month)
    • $ 0.05 per transaction starting with transaction 25

To get started you must be the principal owner of the business and have the following information:

  1. Business located within the United States (U.S.)
  2. Federal Tax ID# (For US and Canadian Corporations only)
  3. Your U.S. Social Security Number
  4. U.S. business checking account and routing numbers
  5. One trade reference including phone number (a company you purchase from)
  6. You must be 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for an Internet Certified merchant account

The Application Process:

  1. Complete and submit the Online Application for activation of your Internet Certified Merchant Account. Please note that you can talk to us at any time during business hours if you have questions by calling the Toll Free number listed above. Our EAST COAST office can be reached via email at, our WEST COAST office can be reached via email at, or you can contact Customer Support at 877-836-5808 or at
  2. After submitting your application, you will receive an e-mail confirming your application, which includes activation instructions.
  3. After submitting your application, PLEASE WAIT TO SEE THE NEXT STEPS & FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: Please Print, Sign and Fax the merchant application pages, along with a Voided Check to the appropriate fax number on the document.
  4. As soon as your merchant account receives final approval, which normally takes 2-3 days, you will receive a Payment Gateway email with your Payment Gateway Login ID and temporary password.
  5. Refer to the Payment Gateway email to fully integrate the Gateway Login ID and merchant account with your Web site shopping cart, Store builder or software system.
  6. Our underwriting department will contact you by phone or email if any additional information is needed for final approval. You will receive a monthly statement itemizing your daily transactions and fees.


Become an e-onlinedata merchant today and watch your sales grow immediately!

There is a $25.00 Monthly Processing Minimum on every merchant account. This is the "minimum amount" you must pay each month for your Visa/MasterCard processing fees and includes transaction fees. The monthly minimum does not apply to Discover or American Express or your monthly Statement fee.

Example: If you sell $800 in goods or services during one month, your total Visa/MasterCard Discount FEES would be $18.32 based on a rate of 2.29%. If you had 12 transactions at 30 cents per transaction you would ADD $3.60. The total processing fees of $18.32 plus $3.60 = $21.92 which does not meet the $25.00 minimum, so at the end of the month we will ADD $3.08 in order to round your processing fees up to a total of $25. If you sell $1600 in goods or services during one month, your total Visa/MasterCard Discount FEES would be $36.64, based on a rate of 2.29% so there is NO MONTHLY MINIMUM.

NOTE: A risk assessment fee of $99.00 will be assessed within 90 days of activation to all merchants. The risk assessment fee is charged as an Annual Fee.

When applicable, your checking account will be debited for the setup fee for your Payment Gateway once your account is approved. Once you click through to the Online Application, and are approved, you are agreeing to the Payment Gateway Fees shown above.

Online Data Corp. is a registered agent of JP Morgan Chase Bank and Quad Cities Bank & Trust
iPayment, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of JP Morgan Chase Bank

  For more information, contact us at 1-866-440-3838 or We're confident that you'll find our web hosting services and support to be first rate.

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